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Transformation requires an “ah-ha” moment where you realize that something HAS to change. The need to “do” something different is so strong that it outweighs the fear and the discomfort of keeping everything as is. That is the catalyst.

But, transformation is unsustainable without a supportive environment that continues to fuel it. Whether it is lifestyle, the people around you, or the choices you make, transformation requires action, a continuous “doing”. That supportive environment is synergy.

Catalyst + Synergy = Catergy

Motherhood has been, and continues to be, a transformative journey for me. When my twin daughter, Zoey, died due to complication of prematurity and my twin son, Max was struggling to survive, there was shift within me. An “ah=ha” moment of realizing that I WANTED to be the mother I never had. That realization would lead me down a path of confronting my own childhood traumas and conditioned upbringing. With the birth of my second daughter, Jozey, my conviction to continue on this path was further solidified.

However, continuing said journey would require a support system and lifestyle that would fuel that transformation. I “knew” i wanted a different childhood experience for my children, but I didn’t know how to create it. So, I read….and read…..and read. And, most importantly, I had conversations with my husband about what I was learning. And, it has been within this context of our synergistic relationship that the greatest changes have taken place. We are, in effect, better together.

We have Catergy.

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