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Compulsory Schooling and Individual Rights

I begin to connect the dots between compulsory schooling and the underlying, nefarious agenda to slowly remove the rights of parents to “be” parents to their own children, and to break apart the family structure and replace it with government control.  Students are taught they have no right to their mind, their body, their time.  They have only what those in authority tell them, or “give” them.  This indoctrination begins in school, where both parents and children are led to believe that some authority always knows what is best.  If you are blind to what your rights are, then it is far too easy to have them taken away.

What would happen if a student were to say, “No”?  If a kindergartner were to stop and say, “I have a right to my body….and my body needs to go pee.”  OR, “my body needs food.”  At what other time in our lives are we denied the right to eat when hungry, to rest when tired, to go to the bathroom when needed, to think about what we want, to use our time the way we want.

While education has been around for centuries, compulsory schooling is a relatively new phenomenon (beginning in the 1860s), designed to breed conformity and brainwash society into believing in its necessity.

Unschooling has shown me a different way of being….this lifestyle has opened my eyes to what it means to live freely and to leave the world of dependence on others who would define our path.  I am learning what it means to live free, to live fully, to embrace life and my own creativity.  We are born free!  We are taught otherwise.  We are born to follow our own unique path.  We are taught that others know better what that path is and how to travel it.  We are born with a desire to know ourselves.  We are taught that knowing ourselves is unimportant; better to know what others want us to know.  We are born with a unique way of “being” in the world.  We are taught that uniqueness is “different” and must be driven out of us.

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